Is going out into the fresh air very important even when it's cold?

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Is going out into the fresh air very important even when it's cold?

When it is cold we must not be discouraged or lazy or, worse still, get stuck in the house for fear of "catching the flu" ... So green light for daily outings with a pram or stroller, as long as you choose times, places and the right clothes to be outdoors.

Autumn is a great season to go for walks in the park if there is one close to home, or to spend a few hours in the gardens; nature is all an explosion of color, from yellows to reds, to greens in many wonderful shades. The sun warms less, but it is always lively and if you walk in the late afternoon and the weather is good you can still witness spectacular sunsets. Even winter gives us beautiful sunny days from time to time, even if for a few limited hours during the day because it gets dark early, but we can still enjoy the benefits of the most beautiful natural light.

Going out in the open air allows the child to discover lights, colors, noises and stimulate his learning, as well as breathe fresh air; the ultraviolet rays of the sun also stimulate the body's production of vitamin D, also known as anti-rachitic, which is essential for calcium absorption and proper bone development.

In addition to this, breathing pure air helps the child to strengthen the immune defenses by promoting better resistance to colds diseases common during the winter months.

It is important to choose places with little traffic so that the air is more charged with oxygen, while the child will be protected from irritation of the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract caused by car exhaust fumes; let's not forget that when we walk in the street with the stroller, unfortunately the baby is at the same height as the toxic gases emitted by the vehicles. If we can, then, let's try to avoid it.

A nice daily walk is good for the child because the natural light of the sun contributes to the production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, the substance in the brain that regulates mood, sleep and appetite; at the same time it is also very good for the mother who has the opportunity to relax by doing movement So green light to the daily appointment with nature, with layered clothing so that the baby can be covered or uncovered depending on the temperature of the day and the activity it carries out.

If the baby is very small, we can check his state of well-being simply by touching his neck under his clothes or behind his shoulders: we will immediately find out if he is too hot or cold without being confused by the temperature of his hands, which can often be cold even if the rest of the body is nice and warm. This happens in fact because small children have a self-regulation system that is not yet fully formed and can therefore have parts of the body at different temperatures. If the child is already walking we will have to consider that moving will be less cold than sitting in the stroller, and therefore we will have to adjust accordingly with the clothes and jackets to wear.

In any case, we are not mistaken if we take ourselves as a reference, since children in good health are never "colder" or "less cold" than adults, as was believed in very old times.

The only important attention is instead to be paid if the baby is really very small, within the first month of life or premature; so it is very sensitive to the cold and if you decide to go out it is better to cover it really well or even avoid going out if the day is windy.

In fact, the wind seems to be the least suitable atmospheric event for going out with children, since together with the dust, it raises many enemy substances for children's health.

If, on the other hand, you are caught in the rain or are forced to go out with your baby to run an errand and have no one to leave it for a while, just use the rain cover on your pram or stroller. We don't have to worry about a bit of rain and once we get back home it will be enough to change the baby's clothes.

Going out of the house with a stroller or pram is also good for mom or dad to keep in good physical shape: some studies done on a sample of mothers of about 35 years, 1 meter and 65 tall, weighing 55 kg, have shown which can be consumed up to 131.67 Kcalories per hour. For fathers, considering a 35-year-old male sample 1 meter and 75 tall, weighing 75 kg, we can consider a calorie consumption of 175, 87 Kcalories per hour (source

From today, therefore, no excuses: we go for a walk every day, even if it is cold!



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